Technology Predictions for 2013

Technology is being developed faster than we ever imagined, so to celebrate the New Year, we asked our team of developers, technicians and consultants what they think we can expect from the techie world 2013…

Dual-SIM Phones

This new generation of mobile phones enables two SIMs to be used within the phone, for example, one for personal use and one for business. Both can be used from the one device, meaning those of who use work and personal mobiles will be able to lighten their load!


Currently this is only used in e-readers like the Kindle, Nook, Kobo etc and a few watches. However, we think it will start to make an appearance in other gadgets, like fridges, ovens, car dashboards or anywhere else where we currently see LCD or LED displays. We might also see colour E-Ink displays eventually.

Tablet Takeover

These portable devices have changed the way people use computers and we are expecting them to be used even more this year for both business and personal use.

Heads-Up Display

This is a transparent display that presents data within the user’s sightline. We’ve already come across this with Google Glasses, so we reckon this futuristic technology will be used more and more to replace some displays for PCs, mobiles & tablets.

Voice Recognition

This is something we are already familiar with on many mobile phones. However, we see 2013 as the year when voice recognition might become more sophisticated and find its way into more household appliances.

Mobile E-Commerce

Improvements in mobile security and increased trust in mobile payment systems could well lead to an increase in mobile e-commerce, through the use of apps and mobile sites.

Unlimited Hosting

The world of cloud based computing has grown at a rate of knots recently, so now we can expect to see further advances allowing expandable and even unlimited hosting resources.


As the amount of computing devices increases, the world has run out of unique IP addresses using the IPV4 system. IPV6 is a more complex IP address system which will begin to take over in new devices.

Wearable Computing

Following on from heads up display, we think computing will become more convenient and easier to fit into our busy lifestyles. Smart watches, glasses and other accessories could make an appearance soon!

3D Printing

As 3D printing technology increases, 2013 could be the year for it to really take off! This fascinating process involves a printer reading a design and laying down successive layers of liquid, powder, or sheet material, and in this way builds up the model from a series of cross sections.

We’d love to hear what you think will emerge this year – drop us a line at or leave a comment below.

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