Could technology help reduce the amount of short visits for care providers?

A recent statement by Leonard Cheshire Disability has underlined just how serious the issue of short, 15 minute care visits is. The BBC article ( says: “In England, 60% of councils use 15-minute visits, which are not long enough to provide adequate care Leonard Cheshire Disability says. The charity says such visits can “force disabled people to choose whether to go thirsty or to go to the toilet”. Data from 63 local authorities indicated that over 75% of care visits were carried out in less than 15 minutes.

So, could making better use of technology allow care providers to have an extra few minutes to spend at each visit?

Using a software system to better optimise the availability of carers may help a care provider to become more efficient. So, by simply becoming a bit more efficient, could providers claw back a few minutes or even hours to allow them to provide slightly longer and less rushed visits?

Technology can also be used to schedule visits based on their geographic location. This would save valuable travel time in between visits which in turn allows carers to carry out slightly longer visits and more importantly, complete the tasks that are required.

Some systems enable care workers to be allocated to certain visits based on their geographic location and even show this data on a map for ease of use. By eliminating as much wasted time in between visits, the provider can operate more smoothly and become more efficient.

Time equals money and so whenever time efficiencies can be made, money can be saved. With this in mind, the minutes saved by optimising staff availability, travel time, task management etc will all add up and result in financial savings which could be put back into the business to provide a better quality service.

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