Technology could help take the pressure off care providers

The care industry hit the headlines again last week with more findings that the elderly are suffering from poor care ( This follows an investigation by Which? nearly a year ago (see our blog post, yet still a quarter of home care services are failing to meet quality and safety standards and home care visits are still rushed, late and in some cases missed!

Funding is becoming increasingly tight for care providers, which really puts the pressure on; providers need to make money but are limited as to what they can charge. So for many, this pressure to provide quantity means that quality slips. When working under pressure it is common to make mistakes, but in the care industry a mistake could mean the difference between life and death. However, there are ways to manage this.

Technology has been developed to ensure that mistakes are minimised and that contingencies can be proactively arranged before the affects become too serious. Technology and software doesn’t feel pressure, get stressed and most importantly, it doesn’t forget things!

Electronic call monitoring or time and attendance systems automatically alert care providers to occasions when a carer might have arrived late or worse, not arrived at all. The sooner they are aware of the situation, the sooner they can arrange alternative care and become proactive instead of reactive.

Technology is widely used within the care industry to manage home carers and field based workers and to take the pressure off so that care providers can concentrate on what they’re good at; providing care!

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