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user friendlyLots of software systems claim to be user friendly, but at Webroster we’ve listened to customer feedback and invested in leading the way to make Webroster.net truly user friendly.

  • When choosing a software system for your business the look and feel of the software can be just as important as the functionality. We understand that many Webroster.net users spend hours at a time using our system during the course of their working day and the system has been designed with this in mind.
  • The user interface for Webroster.net has been carefully created to combine colours and styles which are known be easy to look at on screen for long periods of time without suffering from eye strain or headaches.
  • The orange in our colour scheme is designed to inspire confidence in the system and the neutral grey is there for a calming and balanced effect.
  • Webroster.net has been designed to require minimal scrolling and clicking.
  • Where possible the design of each screen has been optimised to fill the available space whilst avoiding clutter on most screen set ups.
  • Webroster uses familiar icons and functions to create an intuitive design, making it easy to find your way around. Consistency builds confidence and familiarity, so over time users stop ‘looking’ for their way around and start to know instinctively what to expect. Buttons and navigation are where you would expect to find them and data is displayed in a consistent format from screen to screen.

The look and feel of Webroster.net focusses on improving wellbeing and productivity through efficiency and familiarity.  Why not book an online demonstration and see for yourself?

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