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roster on screenA recent report on BBC Radio 4’s Today program has highlighted that most councils in England and Wales are failing to ensure home care workers are paid the national minimum wage.

The figures obtained by the Unison union suggest non-payment of travel time means many are not paid the minimum wage of £6.50 an hour. Unison also says freedom of information figures show just 6% of local authorities make it a contractual condition for care providers to pay workers’ travel time.

Take the headache out of calculating travel times and mileage

Calculating travel times and mileage can be a major headache for care providers with many struggling to accurately record travel times and distances for the hundreds of bookings that they are managing. This in itself can lead to underpaying or overpaying travel expenses.’s Travel module, which is an optional module that can be added to the online workforce management system, automatically calculates travel time and mileage for each booking.  By using postcode information the need for mileage claim forms and manually inputting data is eliminated.  The information can then be used for more accurate rostering, timesheets, invoices and payroll.

Ensuring that bookings are not assigned whilst a staff member is travelling and enough travelling time is catered for between daily bookings has financial as well as service benefits.  The quality of care for clients improves as carers are not rushing between bookings and have enough time to spend with each client to complete the required tasks.

Webroster’s Travel module integrates with online mapping tools which request mileage, travel time and address data.  This is used to calculate routes and distances. The Travel module works on reserving travel time in rosters and calculating mileage expenses.

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