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home based wokersIn the UK there were 4.2 million home workers in January-March 2014, or 13.9% of those in work. This was the highest rate of home working since comparable records began in 1998. Of these 2.7 million people (8.9% of those in work) used their home as a base but worked in different places*.

Keeping home based workers engaged

Managing staff that use their home as a base is a real challenge, they face additional challenges managing their time and commitments outside of work that office based staff don’t face. Managing staff that you rarely see face to face is difficult and keeping them engaged with your business goals is key to successful management of a field based team.  Giving your team tools to put them in control and enable them to take responsibility for their own time management will encourage staff to be more engaged and enthusiastic about your business.

Using modules such as the Staff Portal is one way to achieve this. The Staff Portal enables staff to view weekly and daily rosters.  Staff can check which visits they are booked onto and update and view their availability.  This helps them to take ownership of their working day and can help with planning as they can let managers know if they’re available for extra shifts.

Enable information sharing

Remote workers are your front-line; they are face to face with your clients day in day out and therefore uniquely placed to capture hands on feedback from clients.  They hold valuable collective knowledge and encouraging them to share this feedback and knowledge through both formal and informal channels will demonstrate that their input matters to the business.

Using the Document Management module enables staff with relevant permissions to access documents online from anywhere.  Staff can edit, comment on, download and share files securely; certain files can be allocated to specific groups of staff.  The benefits for remote workers are that they can securely view documents online without needing to print them or carry around hard copies.   Not only does this make remote working easy and efficient but also increases security and facilitates the risk management of sensitive documents.

*Characteristics of Home Workers 2014 ONS

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