Service user portals support independence

With increasing numbers of elderly people regularly using computers, mobile phones and the internet, is there any wonder that client portals are an excellent way of reducing time and costs involved in the homecare industry?

If service users were able to access their own individual portal they could log in to view their own scheduled visits and details of the services they will be receiving. They could even see a photograph of the carer who will be coming so they can ensure the person who arrives at their door is the same person as the photo.

Not only does this improve security and completely eliminate the time and money involved in communicating the visit schedule to the service user, but it encourages and supports service user independence; a common goal for many homecare providers. The service user is immediately given increased control and less reliance on care staff.

So if this technology is available and being used now, why stop there? What else could be included in a client portal? And could homecare providers utilise an even more streamlined business model by giving service users?

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