Retaining good care staff: How mobile technology can help keep home carers happy and productive

retaining good care staffRecruiting and retaining good care staff with a real passion for care is one of the main challenges facing home care providers in 2015. Staff turnover can be as high as 19% in the care sector and even up to 28% for domiciliary staff working with older people*. Once recruited, retaining good staff is vital to keep customer and client satisfaction levels high. Consistency of staff visiting a client’s home has been highlighted as crucial to providing high standards of care**.

For Care Managers supervising a team dispersed over a wide geographic area is just part of the challenge of retaining good staff. Communication is often not face to face leading to staff feeling isolated and out the loop.   Mobile technology can help by facilitating two-way communication between staff and managers.  It can also be used to reduce the time spent on paperwork and administration giving carers more time to focus on building up relationships with clients.

Managers use systems such as to keep remote staff informed of roster changes or update their schedules instantly. When combined with solutions such as ECM (electronic call monitoring) staff can check in and out of visits in real time cutting down on paperwork.  ECM enables managers to monitor staff whereabouts, both helping staff to feel safe and enabling managers to monitor planned vs actual service delivery.

Finding staff with a real passion for care is tough but keeping them is even harder, hours of form filling can wear down the most enthusiastic staff. Using mobile apps staff can update client details or record visit details on the go, freeing them to focus on what they do best and leading to increased job satisfaction.

To find out more about how can help you with retaining good care staff call us for a demonstration of our online rostering solutions.


*National care forum: Annual staffing survey 2012
**CQC: Not Just a Number Home Care inspection programme Feb 2013