The people behind Webroster

With over 30 professionals working at Webroster, each of them offers their own unique expertise and knowledge. Together, that helps us champion customers’ businesses and develop pioneering software, which in turn makes a real difference to how hundreds of thousands of hours of care are rostered every day.

In 2017, our team grew and welcomed many new people and in the same 12 months, we celebrated several milestones for our more longstanding team members:

Natasha Lunt, account director, and James Murrell, customer support manager, both celebrated a decade with Webroster. Graham Harbour, our QA manager, will celebrate his ten-year anniversary in 2018 too.

Gary Doades, senior software developer, has now been with Webroster for just over 18 years and our software director, Richard Ward, for 12 years.

With the team enjoying a brilliant 2017, we thought now would be the ideal time for us to chat to some of our expert team members to find out a bit more about their Webroster journey…

The Webroster ethos

Gary Doades joined Webroster in November 1999 heading up the development team, to help create additional functionality and address features in the, what was then, Webroster rostering software. Gary explained the company’s journey from one contractor and one junior developer, through to the creation of, as we know it today:

“After a couple of years it was decided that the old software needed to move forward in a way that couldn’t be achieved with the existing code. I then became the sole creator, developer and technical architect of what we now know as”

Since then, Webroster has steadily grown but always stuck to its original ethos and outlook. Webroster continues to be independently owned today, allowing the company to remain innovative and versatile.

For Natasha, the Webroster ethos is evident in a passionate, hardworking and innovative team. She said: “I love the Webroster people, our values, our product and the difference we make to people’s lives – not to mention the efficiencies we bring to our clients facing on going challenges in the care industry.”

Richard agreed, adding: “Webroster’s core values largely remain true today as the day I started, but as a business it’s changed.

“With time the company has become better attuned to moving with the customer, such as when their businesses grow or face increased challenges: we’re adapting and moving to meet their expectations to deliver solutions quickly that provide the means to push stability and growth.”

The journey has come on

The fact Natasha, James, Richard, Gary and Graham have been a part of the Webroster journey for a collective 60 years means they have all seen our workforce management software,, transform and innovate time and time again.

For both Gary and Graham, the recent move to using cloud-based servers, to make increasingly reliable, scalable and resilient, has been one of the most positive changes over the years.

Gary said: “Being technical director and then operations director for a long time, my main task was making sure we were using new technology to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

“Over the last couple of years this has culminated in a major move to the “cloud” and Amazon Web Services. I was the prime architect for the new hosting and service delivery and I would hope everyone considers it a great success.

“I think the most positive changes I have seen over the year is that we, as a team, now know more and understand more, both technically, but also in being more customer focussed. This has certainly helped us improve the quality of the service in many different ways.”

Graham also explained that the core aspects of have remained consistent – the product still, vitally, provides exceptional rostering capabilities but also “over the past 10 years an immeasurable number of features and improvements have been added – all while working with a moving target of operating system and browser advancements.”

Graham noted that even the colour scheme of has been tweaked over the years and for Natasha, the fantastic improvements to the product’s usability have been game-changing: “the user interface is much better in both look and feel – the user doesn’t need to make as many clicks, there is better functionality and not to forget that new products and services have been introduced along the way to meet client need.”

Making a difference

The expertise and knowledge of our team is invaluable and for many of them, it’s the positive impact of our products and services that makes Webroster a place they love to work.

As Richard summarised: “Clocking-up 13 years or-so of service at Webroster, it’s very easy to say why I like working at Webroster; but it’s multifaceted, there is no single reason, but rather a combination.

“You can take the people who push to inspire, who push and want to succeed, who want growth in themselves and the business, but also remain true to themselves.

“Equally, the product we produce has meaning, it has value to those that use it and makes a tangible difference to all those concerned.

“When you start bringing these qualities together, you realise how much of a difference your time and effort has: its meaningful and rewarding. All this is packaged into a business that does away with red tape, a business that provides a platform for employees to be heard, to have a voice and help guide future decisions.

“People aren’t cogs at Webroster, they’re people, with feelings, thoughts and collectively working together to have a positive impact on the world.”