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Provider Module Upgrade: Work seamlessly with external providers

We are excited to announce that our next update to will include big improvements to our Provider module – as well as numerous fixes and improvements throughout Version 4.3.0 will be released on 23rd January 2019; keep reading to find out what it will include! There will be a scheduled downtime of at approximately 6am on Wednesday 23 January 2019 to roll out version 4.3.0.Read more

Mobile workforce management app update

Important Update: Important new updates to support Android changes and a buzzing new brand for Bee!

Due to changes comping to the Android operating system in April 2019, we have been busy (bees!) completing work behinds the scenes to update our Bee app to make sure it works seamlessly with Android devices after the changes are implemented. As a result, we are pleased to announce that Bee version 3.6.4 will be released on Wednesday 23 January 2019. This release also includes a couple of bugRead more

A huge Webroster welcome to our new team members

We are delighted to welcome three new team members to the Webroster team – Diane Healey, as account manager, Chris Ely, as business analyst, and Sharon Warr, as operations manager.  One of them has been a Webroster customer for over eight years, another once sold Manchester United Football Club a payroll solution (and had to ensure the system could cater for all the ‘zeros’ in Roy Keane’s P60!), and the thirdRead more

Sending data securely

Is Estonia pointing the way to our future healthcare system?

When we think of digitising data, and health data in particular, it conjures up concerns about privacy and the state having too much control – yet for citizens of Estonia it actually means more control for the patient. Estonia, a country in northern Europe bordering the Baltic Sea and Finland, and with a population of less than 1.5 million, wouldn’t be your first bet in a game of “Which country hasRead more

Updates to Webroster workforce management software

Coming Soon! Travel Module Transformation: Version 4.1.0 and Bee Version 3.6.0

  Coming Soon! Travel Module Transformation We have been working hard since the last upgrade to and Bee, and we are excited to announce that version 4.1.0 and Bee version 3.6.0 will be coming soon! We are continuing to fine-tune the software so we don’t have an exact date for the release yet, but we want to give you a sneak peak into what we have beenRead more

Embrace technology to improve healthcare

How do we begin sealing the cracks in a fragmented healthcare system?

The new health secretary had barely got his feet under his desk when he was petitioned with pleas to create a holistic strategy to health and care. It might have appeared a tad impatient, but the rallying cries from the likes of the NHS Confederation to ‘grasp the social care challenge’ are crucial if we are to enact any sort of change in our health system. The difficulty isRead more

Updates to the Supplier and Provider Modules

Introducing version 4.0.1 of Updates to the Supplier and Provider Modules

Introducing version 4.0.1 of Updates to the Supplier and Provider Modules version 4.0.1 will be released on Wednesday 25th July 2018. This release adds to the functionality introduced to our Provider module in version 3.9.0 with new functionality for the Hub extension. Please note: the Hub is a new extension to our Provider module in, providing users with a more streamlined way of working with suppliersRead more

Demystifying the cloud

Bee for iPhone and Android: Version 3.5.2

Bee for iPhone and Android: Version 3.5.2 Following the Bee for iPhone and Android version 3.5.1 release in May 2018, we are happy to announce version 3.5.2 will be released on Monday 18 June 2018. See below for more details: General As part of the changes to support GDPR, a Bee user’s ability to view a client’s address in their device’s map app was disabled unless they had access toRead more

Online scheduling for City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council: Championing online scheduling

Online scheduling became a necessity for Bradford Metropolitan District Council when the introduction of enablement services meant 2,500 hours of care would need to be scheduled for up to 300 service users in a six-week period. That included 40 to 50 new cases every week. The task was a huge one, and the Council needed a solution that was going to streamline their processes and make the whole operationRead more

Workforce management app update

HTTPS for Bee

HTTPS FOR BEE Following our commitment to security, on Tuesday 29 May 2018 we will no longer support unsecure connections to via Bee. Unsecure connections will be refused and Bee will not function. How to identify if Bee users need to make changes You can identify whether your Bee users need to make changes by asking them to look at the Webroster Server setting in the Settings pageRead more

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