Online Document Storage

Webroster users are currently storing over 76,300 files in the cloud using Webroster’s Document Management module! This got us thinking about the value that online document storage offers businesses; why would you want to store your beloved paperwork online as opposed to in your trusty filing cabinet? Well…

Work around the clock

By storing all your important documents online, they are available for you to access whenever and wherever you are. So, whether you’re in a meeting, working from home or on the go, as long as you can access the internet, you can grab the documents you need.

Keep secure information secure

Confidential information held on an office filing cabinet can easily be accessed by anyone who fancies their chances, leaving your business open to financial loss and legal penalties. Whereas documents held online are safe and secure, allowing only those who have permission to view them.

Protect yourself

Online document management keeps all your files safe from fires, break ins, loss and even coffee spills!

Something to rely on

Even if you efficiently store all your documents on your network or desktop, you are still relying on your internal system to keep them safe. An online storage system will securely hold all your data, regardless of how reliable your internal systems are.

Quick access

By using an online filing cabinet in conjunction with your other office systems, you can quickly and easily find the information you’re looking for – without even leaving your desk! For example,’s Document Management module allows you to assign documents to clients, customers and staff members so you know exactly where to look for them in the future.