On-the-go technology

Managers are increasingly finding that investing in effective technology to aid remote working is paying off. Those who manage a remote workforce, such as a team of home carers, need to know where their staff are and when. Likewise, staff need to know where they need to be and how they can be accountable when they are out of the office.

Mobile technology is becoming both accessible and affordable, with the rise of Smartphones, iPads and Netbooks. So, staying true to our techy roots, we feel it is important that this technology is embraced and used to help both managers and staff on a range of different levels.

First and foremost, using mobile technology with a field based team could improve your organisation’s efficiency and quality of service. By providing your staff with a mobile phone you quickly eliminate the need for them to use their own phone and claim back expenses, therefore reducing the amount of administration for both parties.

But mobile applications give much more than that… Webroster.net’s Pocketroster allows field staff to log in to a web based application and check their own roster; preventing the numerous phone calls that occur to and from the office every day. Staff can quickly check where they need to be and what they need to be doing as well as being made aware of any changes to their schedule through automatic SMS messages.

Using technology for mobile working also comes into its own if you are looking to have greater control over your workforce. Webroster.net’s PhotoTrac™ is a mobile application for staff to check in and out of each visit. No additional hardware is needed as they simply use the same Andriod Smartphone that you have provided them with to make calls and access their roster. Therefore managers can not only increase the level of accuracy on timesheets and make sure they only charge and pay for the time the staff member was on site, but they can also react to potential problems as they arise. If a staff member doesn’t check in on time, office based managers can be alerted to this and action a back up plan; therefore increasing the level of service you provide.

As with all technology, it may seem like a bit of an upheaval to get on board with it, but the end results are always worth it. Reducing manual processes often leads to a reduction in mistakes and therefore increases efficiencies in any business.

To see how Webroster’net’s mobile solutions can help you, email sales@webroster.net or call 01733 311599.