Mobile working’s come a long way

Mobile working

It wasn’t so long ago that field staff would await their weekly roster in the post, inevitably it would require a change, so a call into the office would be made to update it. Staff would then go to client visits armed with files and folders of paperwork to fill in and go home with even more papers to fill out and post back to their office.

These days mobile working is very different.

Rosters are available to staff via apps on their mobile phone such as the Bee app. Updates and changes to schedules are made with automatic notifications sent to staff keeping them fully up to date with changes. The best route to each visit is automatically calculated and shown on a map so staff can plan their travel time more efficiently. Staff in the field can the log tasks they’ve performed at each visit directly on their mobile phones, reducing paperwork and time spent on administration.

Streamlined communications.

Ever needed to ask a staff member a quick question, jotted down the answer on a scribble pad and then lost it? It’s a common problem and ad hoc messages are difficult to document should you need refer back to them later. Using the Webroster Bee app with Bee Messaging, office based managers can send a quick message directly to field based staff. Staff are able to respond within the app giving a full audit trail of working

Technology is an enabler.

Giving staff the right technology that will help them in their day to day job can be a key aspect of retaining good staff. Less paperwork and administration leaves staff free to focus on service delivery and customer care.

For more information about and the Bee app please contact us or book an online demonstration.

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