Mobile firmware: Are you up to date?

More than ever, we are relying on our smartphone to increase productivity at work, so make sure yours is running at its best.Bee App

With the ever changing world of technology evolving at a fast pace, your smartphone will only perform at its best if available firmware updates are downloaded. If you currently use your Android device to access the Bee app, you should make sure you are using the latest version of Android firmware so you don’t miss out on exciting Bee updates.

What is firmware?

Firmware is the background running system of your phone, it is the programming that controls the core elements of the phone’s functionality.

Why do I need to update firmware?

To get the best performance and features from your smartphone you should make sure you’re always running the latest firmware available for it, not just in terms of app software updates but also the operating system. Updates for your phone usually bring new features and functionality, as well as increased performance and security. In order to use the latest functionality of apps such as Bee you will need to be using the latest operating system for your device. By not updating your device, apps may not run properly, and you will not be able to benefit from new developments and updates, such as Bee Messaging which is coming soon.

How do I update my device?

If an update is available for your phone, you’ll usually receive a notification. However, you can also manually check and upgrade your device or speak to your mobile operator or phone manufacturer for the latest version available. To manually check for updates on your Android phone:

1. Back‐up the data on your device such as contacts and photos.

2. Access the ‘settings’ menu on your device.

3. Select ‘About phone’.

4. Click the ‘software update’ or similar button.

5. Your device should search for available updates and if an update is found it will give you the option to install.


Installing updates are best carried out when you have access to Wi‐Fi as file sizes can be large.

These steps may vary between different makes and models of phone. Contact your phone manufacturer for instructions for your device. A few simple steps can make sure you get the best performance and features from your Android smartphone and Bee app.