Getting ready for Rio: a massive staff scheduling challenge

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As the eyes of the world turn to Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympics, the organisers have been preparing for years in advance. With over 10,500 athletes arriving from over 206 countries the task of organising accommodation, facilities and staffing is huge.

Can you imagine having to roster 45,000 volunteers, 85,000 outsourced staff and 6,500 employees?

Using an online system such as streamlines the rostering process. Available staff are quickly matched to uncovered requirements, taking into consideration factors such as continuity of service and travel times between appointments. currently has over 13,500 staff users within the system and rosters over 3.6 million hours per month. Many organisations across the UK have taken advantage of using software instead of paper-based systems which can be prone to human error and difficult to change once created.  Although simple systems can work well in very small organisations as businesses grow the ability to communicate with a larger workforce is paramount. Keeping staff informed of where they should be and when is key to ensuring service delivery is at the heart of the business.  Staff scheduling software enables organisations not only to roster more effectively but also communicate rosters simply either giving access to view them online or sending them by email.

During the Olympic Games there will be 306 medal events covering 42 different sports. The Paralympics takes place over 11 days and covers 23 different sports. The Olympics may be over in a few short weeks but keeps on rostering day in day out, generating 2.1 million timesheets per month.

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Summer Olympic Games: 5th to 21st August 2016.
Paralympic Games: 7th to 18th September 2016.

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