Marginal Gains; could your organisation benefit?

In recent years in the world of sport the concept of marginal gains has become commonplace and has helped many sporting teams achieve huge successes.Make Marginal Gains with a Database MOT

The concept of marginal gains is a simple yet powerful one; break down and identify every tiny aspect of something, aim for small improvements across all these aspects and you will see significant overall improvements.

This concept is not only revolutionising the world of sport, but could also be beneficial to your organisation too.

Your organisation is changing all the time; staff leave, new staff join, clients change, services and processes change. So taking stock and identifying areas for improvement, however small, is crucial to success. This should include giving your database a health check and ensuring areas of improvement are identified.

Your system is crucial to the effective functioning of your organisation, small improvements here could lead to big improvements in service delivery, efficiency and profitability.

Webroster customers can take advantage of a Database MOT to help make sure your database is performing at its best. The Database MOT is a personalised consultancy day carried out by a consultant to ensure your database is in the best possible condition.

A Database MOT ensures your system is being used in the most efficient way possible. This could save time and money and can identify new features that will benefit your organisation.

You may feel there are parts of the system you don’t use or that you could be getting more from it; so contact us to discuss how a Database MOT could help make small changes that could add up to a big improvements for your organisation.

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