In a previous blog (Visual Representation of Data in Software), we looked at how much easier it is to process information in a chart or image rather than a table of numbers and words. Webroster’s latest optional module, Mapping, uses this concept to give users a visual representation of the location of staff and clients…

By integrating Google Maps into the system, the Mapping module displays data on a map, giving an overall picture of your requirements.

Mapping is the latest addition to Webroster’s collection of optional modules and gives users an easy way to process data and therefore speeding up rostering. It can be used in conjunction with the Travel module to enable users to charge and pay for travel time and mileage. It can also be used alongside the SMS module and Webroster Mobile app to ensure that field staff are made aware of changes to their run whilst they are out and about.

Why use Mapping?
– Reduce mileage
– Reduce travel time
– Speed up rostering
– Data is displayed visually for ease of use

What can you do with Mapping?
– Create runs
– See multiple client locations at once
– Plot routes
– Make informed decisions
– Be warned if staff are likely to be late

For more information about mapping including a free demo or trial, visit

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