Do you manage a remote workforce?

Here are our top five questions to ask yourself about whether you are getting the most out of your field based team and whether mobile technology could be used in your business to ensure you get the most value from your remote workers.Bee webroster mobile app for remote workforce management

So your team of home carers are on the road again, busy caring for clients and making home visits, but take a moment to think about the following……..

Are your field based carers where they should be, when they should?

Mobile technology can be used to check service delivery in real time showing you as a manager that a member of staff has arrived at their appointment at the correct time. Using ECM (Electronic Call Monitoring) carers can log in and out of visits using their mobile phone and managers can be alerted when log in /out information deviates from the planned roster.

Are your remote workers reflecting your company ethos?

Your staff represent your business every time they have any contact with a client, colleague from another service or commissioning body. By ensuring staff are well informed about your business and your company culture they will be able to reflect your business in the right way. Staff can be kept informed using mobile technology such as email, SMS and web portals so you can be confident that they are presenting your business how you’d like it to be perceived.

How good is your communication with field based workers?

It’s easy for workers that don’t have an office base to quickly feel out of the loop. Using web portals, emails and texts to mobile phones can ensure your team is kept up to date. Training is often given at staff inductions but your remote workforce team may benefit from reminders or refresher training which can be given online from dedicated web based training portals. If your staff need additional training or skills this can be delivered via accredited online training courses enabling staff to fit training around work rosters.

Do you have the evidence to show that services were carried out where and when they were supposed to be? 

ECM (Electronic Call Monitoring) will show managers that carers have logged in and out of visits and provide an activity log report if necessary giving you the evidence that services have been delivered should you need it. By accessing the client record in the field carers will be able to see what needs to be done and any notes or comments following the last visit. Using Webroster’s Audit module managers will be able to see who has made changes to a client record and when providing you with a comprehensive audit trail.

Do you know exactly where your team of home carers is right now? 

Using tools such as GPS tracking you can quickly and easily see exactly where your remote workforce team are by tracking their location on a mobile phone. This may feel a bit ‘big brother’ but it can help you to call on the nearest member of staff in a crisis situation. Webroster’s Bee app has an integrated SOS button designed for lone workers which will alert administrators that a worker’s safety or well-being may be compromised.


For more information or advice on how mobile technology can help you get the most out of your remote workforce please get in touch.

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