Make technology work for you this year



2014 is already looking exciting at Webroster Towers, with a host of new developments planned for, our online rostering system. As we look through our development to do lists we realise that innovation and technology have had such an influence on society over recent years that the way we do even the simplest of tasks is now unrecognisable from five years ago.

A BBC article,, makes reference to 2013 being ‘the year of the mobile’ stating that ‘mobile didn’t simply refer to a gadget, but to a state of mind’. How true! How much of our everyday actions are now done remotely or ‘on the go’? And how often do we find ourselves getting frustrated and feeling cut off when we can’t get a 3G signal?

2013 could well have been the year that our behaviour, interaction and society turned mobile, but is it now time for businesses to get up to speed? “David Chan, director of the information leadership network at Cass Business School in London, believes that networked mobiles have caused a fundamental shift in our behaviour – the way we shop, work, create and interact – but that many businesses failed to adapt to this new paradigm.” Chan continued; “This was the year we began to realise the limitations of our current mindset. The world is moving so fast our grand IT plans are almost obsolete before they’ve even been started.”


So if your business is to keep to up to date in 2014, it will take more than just using the latest apps and systems; this is about changing processes and operations to become fluid and innovative. Genuine changes at a basic, operational level will enable your business to interact more easily and smoothly with potential customers.

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