How to make your rostering more efficient

using your rostering systemWe all want to increase efficiency and productivity in our businesses and often we’re told technology is a great way to do this, sounds so easy doesn’t it?  But the thought of investing in another gadget or using yet another software package can seem like more of a hassle than an efficiency saving.  A great tip is to fully utilise the resources you already have.

Take time to review your rostering system and make sure you’re fully using all of its features.  When you know where to find them there are some great techniques and functions to help make your processes even more streamlined. Using the Auto Allocation function for example, will make your rostering process even faster and more efficient.

You may have noticed the ‘Auto’ button on your roster screen?  This great shortcut applies your existing preferences for allocating staff to clients automatically.  For example, if you always select the member of staff with the highest number of previous visits to a client Auto Allocation can do this for you. Simply select all the uncovered requirements for that client and click ‘Auto’ and the relevant staff member is booked.  You will then be able to view your roster in the normal way and make changes to individual bookings if required.

Auto Allocation also works from the ‘uncovered requirements screen’ so you can apply the same booking criteria to more than one client at a time.  You can always change your preferences too, so if you want to Auto Allocate staff according to distance from the client you can select that option from the pop-up screen.

If you want to know more about Auto Allocation or just want a chat about getting the most out of your rostering software give our customer support team a call on 01733 516 030.

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