We’re listening…..no, really, we ARE listening!

Ever felt frustrated by the software systems you use at work?  If only it just did this or that, or wished there was a quick way to complete a task?

Here at Webroster we believe that much of our success has been down to listening to feedback from our customers and responding.  The users of Webroster.net are the experts as far as we’re concerned, your day to day experiences are instrumental in helping us make on-going improvements and updates to Webroster.net.

Webroster.net users

Lots of companies will tell you that they listen to customer feedback, but once you’ve sent that email and received your automated response you wonder what’s going to happened next.  Sadly, not a lot in many cases.  Our customer events are a great opportunity for us to listen to your thoughts face to face and give a response on the spot.  Ever used our Auto Allocation function or MapPlaces?  Well, both those features grew out of ideas suggested at events by Webroster.net users and are now part of the Webroster.net system:

  • Auto Allocation: New functionality that speeds up rostering by applying your existing preferences for allocating staff to clients automatically.
  • MapPlaces: Displays the location of clients and staff within a set radius of a certain point, on a map.
  • Removal of barred staff from future bookings.

Right now we are working on a host of other ideas that were suggested by customers at recent events.  New features have to undergo a feasibility study, development and rigorous user testing before they are integrated into the Webroster.net system, but we’ll be keeping you posted on progress.

Webroster hold several different types of customer event, some for system users and some for decision makers and system specifiers. Our Strategic Road Shows are held at various locations across the UK and are designed for rostering system decision makers.  At Strategic Road Shows we focus on our planned developments, company updates and offer the opportunity to have a say on the future direction of Webroster.net.

Our User Open Days are designed for system users themselves, adding value to the user experience by providing an opportunity to share advice and best practice.  The User Open Days are a great opportunity to keep up to date with system updates and new features and of course for us to be listening to feedback!


Want to have your say?  Make sure you book a place at our next event!

Visit our events page: www.webroster.co.uk/events

Or email: events@webroster.com