It’s official; we are all addicted to our Smartphones!

A recent report claims that 37% percent of smartphone owners describe themselves as “highly addicted” to their device.

“Ofcom’s report shows the influence that communications technology now has on our daily lives, and on the way we behave and communicate with each other,” said James Thickett, Ofcom’s Director of Research.

“Our research into the use of smartphones, in particular, reveals how quickly people become reliant on new technology – to the point of feeling addicted. As more and more people acquire smartphones, they are becoming an essential tool in peoples’ social lives whether they are out with friends socialising or using Facebook on the move.”

Social networking sites may be responsible for us not putting our phones down out of work, but smartphones are being increasingly used in the workplace to multitask and save time too. Being able to combine emails and internet browsing with the wide ranging features and Apps on smartphones has suddenly become very powerful for those wanting to work remotely.

This is great news for us ‘smartphone adictees’ here at Webroster, especially as the all singing all dancing Webroster Mobile App’s impending launch approaches – keep your eyes peeled for more information soon!


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