How to (or how not to) apply technology

Did you catch Dragon’s Den this week? What a great example of how applying technology in the wrong way can actually cause your business to be ineffective and under productive.

John Buni from TailorMade pitched for investment for his 3D body scanning machine which he is selling to the clothing industry. The machine scans your body and takes hundreds of measurements, saving time for tailors and clothes makers.

Although this is a great piece of technology and offers a technological and highly accurate alternative to a manual process, Peter Jones pointed out that a business would not see any cost benefit in using such technology… A process which currently takes one staff member and therefore costs one salary to carry out, now costs one salary plus the price of purchasing the machine. The cost of that simple process has more than doubled yet the savings in time and accuracy/error reduction do not justify such expenditure.

So, what’s our point? Well, we’re all for using technology and the web wherever possible – but not just for the sake of it. Technology has been designed to make life easier, so make sure that whatever new products or systems you set up actually do make life easier for you. There needs to be some benefit in using it otherwise what’s the point!

Do you have any similar examples that you would like to share with us?

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