How to eliminate mistakes and improve quality? Automate workforce management processes!

Mistakes caused by human error effect many businesses. These could be anything from a day to day lack of consistency and accuracy to forgetting to do something important or processes being put on hold whilst someone is away on holiday.

So what common human errors can an automated workforce management system eliminate?


Timesheets can be automatically generated and verified in real time, meaning no mistakes in the manual processing process.


Payroll and invoices can be generated automatically from the verified timesheet information; no human interception means no risk or error! Holiday pay and expenses are also automatically generated, so you might even save a few quid from not paying for over claimed expenses!


By automating the rostering process, you can ensure that all bookings are covered and that staff are not double booked.


Travel time can be automatically calculated and added to staff rosters to avoid not booking enough travel time, or forgetting to book it in all together!


The ordered serviced can be automatically scheduled into the roster and assigned to each booking, so there is no ambiguity as to what should or should not be provided.


By using a call monitoring system you can be sure you are charging and paying for only the hours which have been provided. Therefore, if staff are aware that they are being monitored, they may be encouraged to improve punctuality!


The process of communicating rosters, visit sheets, roster changes etc can all be automated so that no mis-communication occurs; everyone knows exactly what should happen, when.

Real Time updates

With staff portals, client portals and mobile apps, staff are always aware of roster changes and updates in real time, so there is no excuse for out of date rosters or not being aware of changes. 

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