How the cloud helps us through the snow

So we wait all winter for a bit of snow and does it decide to come over the festive season so we can have a nice white Christmas? No. It comes now when we’re trying to get on day to day business, great.

Although this month’s snow has perhaps not been as bad as previous years, it goes to show the amount of disruption that such weather can have on businesses. What would you do if you or your staff couldn’t get into the office? Would you be able to carry on as normal or would your business be at risk of loosing money? How would your clients react if you were unable to provide your products or services to them? And what knock on affect would this have further down the supply chain?

Internet connections are (usually) more predictable than the weather, so it’s a good idea to utilise as much technology as possible to provide contingencies for such situations.

Care provider, Crossroads Care Medway, was snowed in last December and staff were physically unable to access their office for two days. However, as they use an online rostering system, managers were able to log in from home and re-direct staff to ensure that all requirements were covered.

In this case, the rostering system was of paramount importance to the smooth running of the business. It stores all staff and client details, rosters, booking information, timesheets, invoices, payroll etc. So, being able to access this from home securely via the internet was vital.

So, what are your operational priorities; what do you rely on to provide a service to your clients and can you access this information remotely?

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