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We heard this week that one in five Britons feel unsafe online as web usage on mobiles, tablets and PC’s continues to grow.

So with this in mind, we though a little reassurance about the safety of’s web based services wouldn’t go down a miss! Our Technical Director Gary Doades said:

“ employs several techniques to ensure that your data is kept accessible to only properly authorised users.’s login mechanism goes beyond the simple username and password mechanism; it requires a third piece of information to access the system which acts effectively as a second password. A password policy mechanism ensures that passwords meet a minimum specification and must be changed at regular intervals. can also block a user completely from accessing the system if a certain number of login attempts fail which prevents repeated guesses at usernames and passwords.

Once into the system, access is monitored by using web “sessions”. These sessions are monitored on the servers; any inactivity by the user, such as leaving the PC without logging out, will result in the user’s session being terminated at the server. also is protected at the network level by multiple firewalls that block access other than web browser access. All of this, combined with the physical security of our data centres, means that your sensitive data is kept secure at all times form any location.”

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