Welcome to the brand new webroster.net blog, the home of all the latest news and developments from the online rostering and workforce management application.

webroster.net is a software solution designed to introduce new and efficient ways of working.  It embraces the internet and new technological thinking to provide web based business solutions. The system has been providing the care industry with automatic rostering since 2002 and is always evolving.

webroster.net is part of the Webroster Group – check out our brand shiney new website (launched only yesterday!) at www.webrostergroup.com.  You can also follow us on twitter – https://twitter.com/webroster or email us at any time; info@webroster.net.

So what’s new? Well we have recently updated our rostering system to include some fancy new and innovative features. webroster.net version 2.0.5 was launched in June and includes significant developments such as the ability to track and manage staff absences, extract Verified Timesheets, and view Key Performance Indicators. These have been designed to allow customers to provide more detailed analysis of their database – and what’s more, there’s more to come in future releases!

Keep checking back here or follow us on twitter for the latest news from webroster.net. We’d love to hear your feedback so feel free to comment below.

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