Happy Birthday VOIPTrac™!

Webroster’s Electronic Call Monitoring solution, VOIPTrac™ is celebrating its 10th birthday this year.

Still going strong, it has evolved over the years from being known as ‘Sentinel’ in the pre-VoIP days, to a VoIP or ‘voice over internet protocol’ solution as we know it today. VoIP itself didn’t exist commercially when the product was first launched. The system used ISDN lines connected to a Sentinel ‘box’. Voice over IP enables voice information to be sent in digital form over the internet in discrete packets. This allows for faster transmission of data at a lower cost.Happy Birthday VOIPTrac

In the early days there were no internet based applications, so each installation was at the customer’s premises where the system would be installed, commissioned and training given.

Although the product itself has now evolved into VOIPTrac™ the easy to use functionality of the original solution remains. The system enables a staff member to check in and out of a booking or visit using a land line phone at the client location. There is no cost to the client and real time check in and out information is sent directly to the Webroster.net database.

“Using the VOIPTrac™ module information is sent back to the Webroster.net database in real time enabling us to check that calls have taken place as scheduled”.

Liz Stein, Operations Manager, Prestige Nursing + Care.

VOIPTrac™ is just one Electronic Call Monitoring solution provided by Webroster to provide proof of service delivery and improve the accuracy of timesheets and invoicing.

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