Focus on caring: Your guide to using mobile technology to increase efficiency

NFC mobile phoneMobile phones and devices are now part of both our home and working lives, but how can mobile technology such as NFC (Near Field Communication) help the care sector become more efficient?

The care sector has in fact been leading the way in implementing NFC technology.  In large hospitals nurses use a NFC-enabled smartphone or device to track their activities with a patient.  This can include hours spent and what medications or treatments they administered simply by swiping the phone over an NFC reader designed to record information and transfer it into the main computer system.

What does using NFC technology mean for the home care sector in practice?

NFC is increasingly being adopted by home care companies with field based workers who use their mobile phones to register their location and log client visits. When used in conjunction with workforce management software the real time nature of NFC technology delivers additional benefits such as lone worker monitoring.  Managers are able to monitor staff as they check in and out of visits or sites and use their workforce management software systems to raise an alert if staff don’t log in as expected.

What is NFC?

Webroster’s Bee app can use NFC technology for electronic call monitoring, NFC for Android is a short-range wireless technology that allows you to share small amounts of data between two compatible Android-powered devices or between an NFC tag and an Android-powered device. Usually requiring proximity of around 4cms to make a connection, NFC requires at least one transmitting device, and another to receive the signal.  In a home care setting the NFC tag is left at the client location, when the staff member arrives and leaves the client location, they can check in and out using the Bee app on their mobile phone. To do this, they simply hold their mobile phone to the NFC tag. This then sends the information held within the tag to the workforce management database, logging the exact time that the check in or check out was made.

Why use NFC technology?

The benefits for the carers are that it dramatically cuts down paperwork and the time spent on administration.  Client visits that were previously logged on paper and transferred onto a computer system later are now recorded in real time.  This enables carers to focus on what they do best which is of course delivering care to clients.
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