Demystifying the cloud

Demystifying the cloud

Like many other applications used every day has always been a cloud based software application. Whether you’re using Facebook, or online shopping if you knew it or not, you’re computing in the cloud!Cloud based software

There are many benefits of using cloud based computing. Applications can be accessed anywhere, any time making it a highly flexible solution. So if has always been based in the cloud what is cloud based hosting?

Although has always been accessed via the internet the actual database that you access has been hosted on a physical server in a bricks and mortar datacentre. Our new cloud based hosting means that your database is now hosted on the internet or ‘in the cloud’. uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting to provide reliable, resilient and secure database hosting.

What are the benefits of cloud based applications?

  1. Flexibility: It’s easy to scale up when your needs increase, if you want to increase the size of your database, no problem! So if you take on new staff, add a new service for your clients or even acquire a whole new business, it’s easy to scale up at no additional cost*.
  2. Automatic updates: Your system will update to the most recent version with no action required from you*, there’s no need to worry about maintaining the system yourself leaving you free to focus on running your business.
  3. Flexible working: If you can get online you can use, you and your staff can log in and work from home or whilst out on the road. Whether your field staff want to log into the Staff Portal and view their schedule or managers needing to make roster changes all can be done from anywhere.
  4. Collaborative working: Sharing documents is easier online, using the Webroster Document Management module there’s no need to email files to colleagues. There’s no danger of having multiple versions of the same file and they can all be securely accessed from one central location.

What are the benefits of software that is hosted in the cloud?

  1. Increased resilience: In the rare event that a problem occurs recovery is very quick, ensuring maximum availability of your software.
  2. Security: Look for ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 accredited hosting to provide the most secure environment for your data.
  3. Flexibility: Monitoring and reporting systems alert your software provider to any potential issues enabling them to proactively restructure the hosting environment before you are affected.

*Does not apply to Webroster self-hosted customers

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