A day in the life of a QA Manager


A coffee kick-start before a day of finding faults in everything. Faults fuel a testers’ ego and make us happy. This happiness means that Developers don’t like testers; it’s often an uneasy union!


I grab my collection of Android phones from the QA configuration lab, and try to provide more information for our mobile developers about a minor issue I’m experiencing with a new feature in our field staff app. After verifying, I can still not get the feature to work on three out of five of my phones, so I send their debug information off to our external mobile developers.  Pfft… they claim it’s not reproducible.


I respond to a query about inconsistent behaviour in our app from our sales team following their Internal Acceptance Testing.  Using the app and database SQL queries, I diagnosed that their problem was due to a simple database configuration issue, but noticed that this should have flagged an appropriate message in the app.


I joined the weekly conference call between Webroster’s development department and our external mobile developers; catching up on the final few issues to be resolved, and raising the issue I found earlier this morning.


I perform some administration tasks on our internal bug tracking system and catch up on some mobile technology news.  I am always relied upon in the company to be the man to turn to on mobile news and issues, so it pays to keep abreast of articles.


Lunch and the wonderful prospect of buying a Santa costume.  It’s the first Christmas my three year old has really looked forward to, so what better time for a parent to start perpetrate one of the biggest lies their kids will ever know about!


Exploratory testing to figure out exactly what scenarios are causing my the issues I found earlier in the field staff app.  This involved a matrix of test scripts, lots of setup with expected results and regular intervals of ‘waiting for things to happen’; or in this case, ‘waiting for things not to happen’.


Time for a well-deserved cuppa, before resuming my test scenarios.


Home time; collect my wife and my three year old from nursery, then the daily bed-time routine of stampy-feet and tears; and that’s just the wife!

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