What to consider when implementing a BYOD scheme

What to consider when implementing a BYOD scheme

Bring your own deviceBYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a concept that allows employees to use their own devices for work; this may allow them to work more flexibly and is known to improve productivity while reducing business costs. As a commonly accepted business practice, it looks like BYOD is here to stay and many businesses are now considering a BYOD strategy. But what are the main considerations for companies who are thinking about adopting a BYOD scheme?

Set out your policies from day one

To make BYOD work for you, the company needs to fully embrace it and not fear it! Define a clear BYOD policy and have processes in place from day one so that everyone knows what is and is not acceptable. Define limits of use and assign certain people within the business to take responsibility for managing the scheme. It is important to set expectations across the business from the start so that everyone understands the impact of BYOD.

Consider confidentiality

The chances are your employees will need to have access to certain sensitive information via their devices but remember that the devices will no longer stay in the office, so how can you protect the data that employees are carrying around with them? It is easy to put measures in place to protect this data should it fall into the wrong hands, such as password policies and data encryption.

Introduce apps

If staff want to use their own devices to work in remotely, introduce apps like Bee that make it easy for them to access the information they need and to give visibility to managers. This will save staff hours of time and means they won’t need to carry around piles of paperwork just to do their job.

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