How to choose the right software for your growing business

When you’re running your own business spending time researching and investigating new technology or software can easily be pushed down your ‘To do’ list as the daily pressures of running a business take over. To help, we’ve compiled a quick list of points to remember when choosing software:

1.    Processes
It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, doing things in the same way, because that’s how it’s always been done.  Focus on the end result for your customer or client, not how you get there.  Embrace technology and systems that can help you achieve your goals quickly and more efficiently, don’t be scared of changing the way you do things.  For example, putting an online rostering system in place may seem like a lot of work but it can pay dividends in the long run as manual processes are done away with and the risk of human error reduced.

2.    Efficiency
When choosing software go for a solution that is scalable and can accommodate your needs as you grow.  Often it’s not just a case of adding more user licences for a reasonable cost, additional functionality may be required as your team grows.  Choose a system that will enable you to perform several different procedures; rostering, payroll and invoicing can all be managed from your system for example.

3.    Accountability
Issues of accountability may not have been important when it’s just one or two people managing a business but as you start to grow it’s important to stay in control.  Choose a software system that will give you the management reports and top level information you need.  In a small home care business there may be only one or two users at management level, but as more people have access to the system it’s harder to keep track of who has made changes to records and client details.
See our case study about how Audley Care made use of the audit module to maximise accountability in their business.

4.    Relationship building
Building long term relationships with clients will improve the quality of care you’re able to deliver.  Recording and analysing client information will enable you to track their use of your services over time and identify gaps in your service provision.  Ensure your software systems will be able to deliver the right type of management reports and information.

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