Can Technology Help the Home Care Crisis?

As crisis talks are being held to discuss the current home care situation, Care Minister Norman Lamb says that continuity of care and fair wages are key components to improving the quality of home care.

The BBC reports that “continuity will be called for, so people are familiar with their carers.” ( and Norman Lamb commented that “Those in need of care should not have to endure a “parade of unfamiliar care workers.”

“Carers should not be constrained to providing care in 15-minute slots and they should not receive less than the minimum wage because of non-payment of travel time.” Commented Mr Lamb.

We feel that a greater uptake of technology within the home care industry could help to relieve some of these problems and even help care providers to save money as well!

By using an online rostering system to schedule home care visits, providers can ensure that they manage continuity of care automatically, therefore reducing the burden and stress that managing this manually might bring.

Although budgets are being cut left right and centre, using a software system could also manage travel time payments and ensure that care workers are being paid exactly the right amount for their mileage and travel time – if the provider offers this. has the capability to manage the travel time between bookings, which the carer above describes as one of the major issues. Not only will the system automatically add enough travel time to the roster but providers can also charge and pay for travel time and mileage expenses.

By automating such processes, the pressure is taken off care staff, allowing them to concentrate on providing a high quality service for the scheduled amount of time.

There is not much we can do about the ever reducing budgets in the care industry. But by being a little more savvy about how they manage their services, care providers can improve the quality of care and go a small way towards raising the national standards.

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