Bee Messaging Module brings messaging functionality to the Bee app

Bee 2.3.0 now with Bee Messaging

The launch of V3.3.0 features exciting new developments to the Bee app. The release of Bee v2.3.0 brings with it the new Bee Messaging module; giving users the ability to send text based messages and booking enquiries to field staff using the Bee app from

Automated updates

The Bee Messaging module can be set up to automatically send a message to field staff when their roster changes, bookings are cancelled or when any changes have been applied within

Bee Messaging enables field staff using the Bee app to be sent notifications of cancellations, updates and changes to bookings whilst they are out and about; keeping field staff fully up to date with changes to their working schedule.

Booking enquiries

Using the Bee Messaging module, booking enquiries can be sent from to the Bee app and managed within the app; allowing field staff to preview bookings in their schedule before accepting a booking. A booking enquiry can consist of a number of individual bookings or one single enquiry with many bookings. Field staff can accept or reject single or multiple booking enquiries easily from within the Bee app and their roster will be updated immediately.

The Bee Messaging module also allows ad-hoc text based messages from to be sent to field staff who use the Bee app. An audit trail is created within giving traceability of when messages were sent, downloaded and read. Field staff are able to favourite messages containing key information, saving the message on the phone for future reference.

With the Bee app and Bee Messaging module, field staff will have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Create a more streamlined booking process with Bee Messaging:

  • No need to switch to other methods to send messages to field staff.
  • Quick and easy for staff to receive notification of changes to schedules whilst out and about.
  • Save time and money spent on SMS messages.
  • Audit trail of messages shows managers when messages were sent, downloaded and read.

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