The team of techies believe that barcodes are a highly under rated and under used form of modern communications.

Barcodes are cheap and easy to produce and are a neat way of holding a lot of information in a very small space. They can then be scanned to access information or transfer data.

The recent influx of smartphones to the UK marketplace has meant that mobile communications have never been easier; barcode scanning apps are easily available on many smartphones so there is no reason why barcodes are not used more widely.

Entire business communications processes can be streamlined simply by utilising mobile technology and barcodes more.’s PhotoTrac™ App, for example, uses barcode scanning for checking in and out. This completely eliminates the need for staff to fill in timesheets as real time information is automatically sent to the database.

So what are the main pro’s of using barcodes in your business?

–          Inexpensive; it is cheap and easy to produce barcodes using internal systems

–          Flexible; barcodes work with a large range of the latest smartphones

–          1D barcodes used for service user id capture

–          2D barcodes used to link and show web page(s) and, for example view Service User Care Plans or view last visit notes.

But most importantly, barcodes can be scanned by multiple providers wishing to access information and remove the need to have confidential information in folders on site.

So, will you be using barcodes to make your business more efficient?

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  • Tania Muscat
    May 27, 2011

    I a interested in barcoding could someone please e-mail me some information ref cost and so on.

    Tania Muscat

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