Are you still working 9 to 5?

One of our previous blog posts described how web based working not only wipes out any issues with location and travel – allowing you to trade with who ever, wherever you want – but also how it reduces those 9 -5 working hours. Both of these traditional barriers to trade are completely eliminated when your business and its systems become web based.

So, we were interested to see that recent research has found that staff are favoring this ‘around the clock’ solution too.

An article by David Woods (, 05 August 2010) went on to explain:

‘The research found that half of the UK’s workforce (48%) wants to spend more time working from home and four in 10 (43%) are keen to give up the traditional ‘nine to five’ in favour of less rigid working patterns, but more than a quarter (27%) said they couldn’t face working without office banter.

Tom Lovell, group managing director of Reed Specialist, said: “The workplace has come a long way in the past 50 years, with both our research and our experience as a specialist recruiter demonstrating a trend towards a more connected and diverse working environment.

“Advances in technology have led to significant changes in working life, enabling people to have more control over the shape of their careers and ending more traditional, restrictive approaches to working arrangements. While many would love to be able to work from home, there remains a significant proportion that prefers the social interaction gained from an office environment. The key is that today’s workforce wants the flexibility to choose the working environment that best suits their lifestyle and aspirations. Employers also really need to understand applicants’ motivations so that they can achieve cultural as well as skills fit when recruiting the best people.”

The report also reveals one in 10 men (11%) said they couldn’t live without their BlackBerry and more than a quarter said the same of their laptop.

Technology has also changed the way people look for jobs, with online job boards now being the most popular way to search for employment and one in five using social networking sites to find their next role.

Lovell added: “While the fundamentals of using sector experience and recruitment expertise to match the best available talent to the right organisation have stayed the same in the 50 years that we have been in business, the working environment and ‘tools of the trade’ have changed considerably.”

So, why is it that technology, working environments, processes and systems are all changing around us, but we still insist on trading between 9am and 5pm?! Surely by making use of new technology we can be open for business 24 hours a day; increasing productivity yet keeping staff and resources at their current level.

We would love to hear your take on this issue. How does your Company operate?

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