Are you ready for Agency Worker Regulations?

Agency Worker Regualtions (AWR) came into force in the UK on 1st October 2011 to give agency workers entitlement to the same basic employment and working conditions as direct employees. These entitlements only come into effect if and when the agency worker completes a qualifying period of 12 weeks in the same role at the same company, meaning that the first possible date for AWR to apply is 24th December 2011.

To help organisations comply with AWR, v2.3.0 (due to be released this weekend) has brand new functionality to help identify staff who comply for the benefits of AWR. The tools are designed to help system users manage those benefits and the 12 week qualifying period. By identifying customers as hirers and products as roles, Webroster.Net 2.3.0 can then apply the appropriate percentage increases in pay, for example.

If you don’t think these regulations apply to you, you might be surprised – we would advise everyone to check the guidance just to be sure! For more information about Agency Worker Regulations, visit

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