Are you dragging ‘n’ dropping?

From recent discussions with customers, it seems that our Interactive Staff Planner is, unintentionally, our best kept secret! So, if you’re a user and you don’t use the Interactive Staff Planner (ISP) then read on…

It is located on the staff screen within the ‘More Options’ button on the left hand side. It is designed to give you a day by day view of the whereabouts of all your staff, showing you who is booked, who is not booked, who is available and who is travelling at any time throughout the day, all on one screen.

But wait, it gets better! You can also view any uncovered requirements for that day and drag and drop them into an available staff member’s roster. Some find it easier to roster, or at least cover uncovered requirements this way as it gives a clear visual understanding of where all your staff are.

But wait, it gets better still! Say you can’t find an available staff member to cover a requirement and you need to shift some existing bookings to create availability, you can drag and drop bookings between staff or even amend times and lengths of bookings by dragging and dropping as well!

So why not give it a go and check out the Interactive Staff Planner. More help can be found on our eLearning site and if you do use the ISP, feel free to leave tips for others by commenting below.

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