Are businesses ready for the next generation?

One in three consider the internet to be as important as air, water, food and shelter.

64% would choose an internet connection over a car.

27% say keeping updated on Facebook is more important than socialising in person.

These figures from the 2011 Cisco Connected World Technology Report give a shocking insight into the attitudes of college students and young professionals. However, businesses should take note of these changing attitudes and look to adjust their strategies and operations in order to meet engage with their future employees and customers.

HR Magazine ( explains why:

These and numerous other findings provide insight into the mindset, expectations, and behavior of the world’s next generation of workers and how they will influence everything from business communications and mobile lifestyles to hiring, corporate security, and companies’ abilities to compete. The report examines the relationship between human behavior, the Internet, and networking’s pervasiveness. It uses this relationship to provoke thoughts around how companies will remain competitive amid the influence of technology lifestyle trends.”

“These and numerous other findings provide insight into present-day challenges that companies face as they strive to balance current and future employee and business needs amid increasing mobility capabilities, security risks, and technologies that can deliver information more ubiquitously – from virtualized data centers and cloud computing to traditional wired and wireless networks. The results of the report should make businesses re-examine how they need to evolve in order to attract talent and shape their business models.”

This really highlights the reality of how today’s business environment is being affected by changes in technology. The key message however, is that technology is and always will be evolving. Businesses therefore need to adopt a flexible approach and be open to new ideas – new technological products and services are always developed for a reason, so work out what you need to improve and assess what’s out there to help you do that.