Another successful User Open Day for users

On 29th May 2014 Webroster opened its doors for a User Open day, welcoming over 25 users from all over the country for an informative and useful day at its Peterborough head office.  With over 83% of attendees agreeing they got a lot out of the day and 93% agreeing that they learned something new about the day was a great success.Webroster - Open Day

“We were very pleased with the day, users got plenty of opportunities to interact with Webroster staff from all areas of our business.” said Naomi Dainty, Marketing Manager.  “We felt that users left the day with their questions answered and able to transfer best practice to their own businesses” she added.

Users were able to share their experiences and learn how other similar businesses were getting the most from their systems, with lively exchanges of views and debate.  Breakout workshops enabled small groups of users to have focussed sessions on key topics such as travel and mileage best practice, payroll functionality, product testing and quality assurance, electronic call monitoring and apps.

Webroster - Open Day


Webroster Business Consultant at User Open Day













“Useful for both novice and advanced users of the system”

“Very excited to implement what I’ve learned back at work”

“Excellent, will improve my abilities no end”

With lots of feedback and comments resulting from this open day we’ll be able to make our next event even bigger and better – watch this space!

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