AJ Social Care uses Webroster.net to help people stay in control

AJ Social Care Ltd is an award winning organisation providing community care and support, recruitment services and training. They have been using Webroster.net and VOIPTrac™ since 2010 to roster and track their 200 staff.

Based in Leeds, the company was founded in 2004 by IT and Finance Director Andrew Bindley as a recruitment company providing temporary workers to the private and voluntary social care sector. AJ Social Care became a registered domiciliary care provider in 2005 and focussed on helping individuals maintain their independence and continue to live a full life.

In the early days, AJ Social Care used the ‘Ulysses Newcare’ system to manage their workforce and help them to provide the high standards of care they set out to achieve. However, being a server based system there was no flexibility to make updates, create reports or add users. It did not have the tools that AJ Social Care needed to effectively roster their staff and proved to be quite expensive.

After some research into alternative systems they settled on Webroster.net due to it being a web based system. Andrew said: “Being a cloud system means that Webroster.net provides better disaster recovery solutions and it is much easier for the coordination teams to log on remotely. Cloud computing supports our drive to improve the quality of our service. It offers a greener approach to communicating with employees and service users as well as a faster and more secure back-up system; if our server goes down it does not effect operations and we can continue to deliver high quality service.” Explained Andrew.

AJ Social Care now uses Webroster.net to manage staff rosters and work flow. They find it has vastly improved remote and mobile working, roster management and efficiency, which in turn supports the high levels of service user care and independence they aim to provide.

“Through Webroster.net we can provide our service users with more detailed information about their own personal care. We encourage independence throughout our care programme and this allows us to pass more control onto those that we support. Carers can also utilise the system to aid their day-to-day role.

“Coordinators can extract information and managers can extract reports much more easily. Soon, manual rostering will be a thing of the past and Webroster.net will save many man hours of coordinating.” Continued Andrew.

AJ Social Care also uses Webroster.net’s VOIPTrac™ electronic monitoring system to monitor staff and automatically verify timesheets. They find that the paperless call monitoring system is cost effective and gives managers practical information to help them manage rounds better and assess trends.

Andrew and his team can now concentrate on driving the business forward. They aim to promote a more positive view of the care sector and continue to develop Care Ambassadors to promote the great work achieved and make care a career to be proud of.

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