7 tips for using online software

We asked our support technicians what common mistakes people make when using software systems, so here are our 7 tips for using online software.

  1. Windows updates: It is important to always run your Windows updates to ensure you are using the most up to date version of your internet browser and Java. This will help your online system to run smoother and become more secure.
  2. Subscribe to online knowledge bases: Keep up to date with updates to your online software by subscribing to its eLearning or online knowledge site. You will then be emailed each time new content is published!
  3. Help! Make use of any online help facilities within the system (look for a ‘help’ icon on your screen)
  4. Browsing history: If trivial issues do occur like getting ‘system error messages’ when trying to access certain areas, try clearing your computers internet cache or ‘cookies’.
  5. Log out correctly: Always log out of your online system correctly by using the logout button and not the ‘X’ button on your browser. This means you have properly logged out of the system and your licence is no longer in use.
  6. Compatibility view: If something doesn’t look quite right, try using the compatibility view option when using Internet Explorer. This is an in-build tool to your computers browser that changes the way the webpage talks to your browser to make everything look nice and pretty again! (This feature is available in IE 8/9 and 10).
  7. Bookmark: It is a common mistake to misspell your system’s URL if you don’t have it bookmarked. So, add this to your favourites so that you can easily access the system wherever you are!



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