6 questions to ask when considering employee scheduling software


Whether you’re a large or small company, any business with field based workers will benefit from employee scheduling software. Managing a few or several hundred employees can bring major headaches. However, employee scheduling software will streamline your workflows and reduce paperwork and administrative tasks.

Specifically, what will a software system help your business achieve?

Here are 6 questions to ask when considering employee scheduling software:

  1. Could you be managing your business more efficiently?employee scheduling software
    Freeing up your time to focus on running your business and allowing your team to deliver excellent customer service is what employee scheduling software is all about. Paperwork is reduced as rosters, timesheets and payroll are all managed online within one system. Calls into the office are reduced as rosters are automatically updated when things change, messages can be automatically sent to staff notifying them immediately of updates.
  2. Will software be too expensive for me?
    If you think employee scheduling software is too expensive or not adaptable to your unique business needs, then think again. Admin tasks that can take days, such as processing employee timesheets, can be done in minutes saving you time as well as money. Systems such as Webroster.net are flexible and are set up to meet the bespoke requirements of your business with flexible pricing to match.
  3. Do I need to see the bigger picture?
    Employee scheduling software gives business owners or managers the reporting tools they need to see the big picture. Staff absences, travel costs, uncovered requirements or bookings are all visible within the system and therefore much easier to manage.
  4. Can you demonstrate compliance?
    An audit trail of what changes were made to the employee scheduling system by whom and when is easily available. This makes disputes about what happened and when much easier to manage when all the evidence is readily available.
  5. Can you keep up with your team’s changing requirements?
    The reality of managing a team of staff working to shifts or unsociable hours means managing their changing requirements as they fit work around their busy lives. Employee scheduling software allows changes to be made and managed quickly and easily. A roster update no longer means having to ring around staff trying to find someone to cover shifts, available staff are visible and can be messaged with a booking requirement that they can accept or reject from their mobile phone.
  6. What are your staff costing you?
    Do you know how much your staff are costing you and the ROI? With employee scheduling software, you can access this key information.

Employee scheduling software will reduce time spent on paperwork and administration for both managers and workers. Staff will immediately see the benefits of more efficient and effective rostering with reduced phone calls, less stress when trying to cover shifts and easier communications with workers.

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