5 tips for effectively managing your field based team

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mobile technology for field based staffAt Webroster we are experts in understanding the pressures of managing  field based staff. Organising staff rosters, taking into account individual preferences and balancing that with individual client requirements can be complex and time-consuming. Here are our 5 tips for effectively managing a field based team:

  1. Right tools for the job

    Are you making the most of mobile technology? Giving staff the ability to view their daily schedule on their mobile phone means that they no longer need to carry around files of paperwork. Calls into the office to find out where they should be and when are immediately reduced too. The Webroster Bee app is ideal for this, not only enabling staff to easily see where and when their next visit or job is, but also all the details they need for that visit. Client details, visit location and required tasks can all be viewed within the app. Changes or updates to their rota can be communicated in real time with the ability to abort or create visits if required.

  2. Real-time information

    When managers have access to real-time information they can be much more proactive instead of reacting when things don’t go to plan for staff out in the field. Webroster.net receives real-time updates from staff using the Bee app. This gives managers an instant view of who has checked into a call or visit and when. When used with the Alert Manager module managers can be notified when deviations from the planned roster occur too.

  3. Managing staff well-being remotely

    Using mobile apps field based staff have all the information they need at their finger-tips but also the ability to communicate instantly. The Webroster Bee app even has an SOS features so staff working alone have a single button to press if they feel their well-being or safety may be compromised. Back in the office Webroster.net users receive and instant alert and can take the required action quickly.

  4. Robust processes in place

    Webroster.net can help you to reduce the time spent on administration and paper-work, leaving you free to focus on other areas of your business. An online rostering system enables you to access key information anywhere at any time. By streamlining rostering you save time and money leaving you free to focus on delivering an excellent service to your customers.

  5. Retain good staff

    Field based staff face differing pressures from office staff, they can feel remote and frustrated, leading to a high turnover of staff. Giving field staff access to the information they need quickly and easily will enable them to feel part of the team rather than isolated and uninformed. Using tools such as the Bee app, staff have the ability to send and receive communications on the go and be kept informed of changes quickly and easily.

To see how Webroster.net workforce management software can help manage your field based team and increase your operational efficiencies click here for a free online demo or call 01733 311599.

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