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Meet some of the experts behind to get a glimpse into our wide range of experience and expertise

As a cloud-based business, we fully embrace the digital landscape, but it’s our expert team that make it work so well.

Find out who they are and what makes them tick below.

Nigel Gittins

Chief executive officer

Nigel founded Webroster in 2002 and busied himself with growing the business and the day-to-day running of the company. Now he puts his degree in Maths and Computing to good use by focusing on finance and strategy, but still fondly remembers the business getting its first customer.

Nigel loves the constant evolution of the tech and care sectors and having the ability to make a difference with Webroster’s exciting innovations.

Outside of work, Nigel mostly spends time playing golf, cycling or having fun with his three boys.

Donna Gittins

HR; office manager

Donna joined our team in January 2017, quickly becoming a key part of the team. As HR and office manager, Donna helps ensure the smooth-running of the business. Her background in nursing and inside knowledge is also extremely useful.

Wife of founder Nigel Gittins, Donna loves working in the family business and says she is particularly proud of the growth of Webroster and of the difference it makes to staff and customers.

During her free time, Donna loves to watch live music and attend festivals.

Richard Ward

Software director

Richard has been a mainstay of Webroster since 2003, with his primary responsibility to execute the strategic vision for our products.

Richard says the best things about working at Webroster are its visionary team, family culture and being able to push new boundaries with new products and services. He is also proud of the investment the business has put into the development team, including developers, quality assessors and IT.

After hours, Richard considers himself a bit of a superhero, but only to his children – he doesn’t dress up after dark or tackle criminals. Not that we know of.

David Millard

Head of implementations

After joining in May 2018, David ensures all our new customers are delivered to a high standard and smoothly. This is where David’s IT background comes in handy. 

David is a team player and enjoys a joke in the office, but always balances that with his superb reliability.  

Outside of work, he enjoys playing golf, following football and spending time with his son.

Rodrigo Pinheiro

Head of optimisation

Rodrigo has been lending us his PhD in Computer Science since February 2014, creating and planning new features for our Optimiser platform. 

Career highlights include speaking at several healthcare events across the country, as well as having more than 10 scientific articles published. 

He loves the family environment at Webroster and being able to bring forward his own solutions to a variety of challenges in the job. 

When he isn’t solving problems, Rodrigo enjoys playing board games and trying out new restaurants.

Chris Ely

Business analyst

Chris has been working with Webroster for many years (using as a customer, in fact) but joined the company full-time in September 2018. 

As a qualified project manager, he works closely with customers to understand and analyse their requirements and turn them into deliverables. 

A naturally competitive person, Chris says his career highlights include breaking the sales records for two consecutive firms. 

Outside of work Chris likes anything sport related and spending time with his twin daughters.

Sharon Warr

Operations manager

Sharon joined in November 2018 bringing with her a wealth of experience in the corporate environment after working for various blue chip companies. 

As operations manager, Sharon is an integral part of the team here helping to manage projects and ensure good cohesion across all departments and personnel.   

Sharon won the leadership award at Johnson and Johnson, highlighting her exemplary mentoring and people skills. 

When she isn’t working, Sharon enjoys going to the theatre, keeping fit and going to restaurants.

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