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Browser Compatibility

We want our customers to have a positive, easy and productive experience. So, where possible, we make use of new capabilities of the most up to date browsers.

This also ensures that our products are as secure as possible and perform as they should. Click here to read our full browser and mobile compatibility policies.


Intuitive Design

The user interface for has been carefully created to combine colours and styles which are known be easy to look at on screen for long periods of time without suffering from eye strain or headaches. The colour scheme is designed to inspire confidence in the system and have a calming and balanced effect. uses familiar icons and functions to create an intuitive design, making it easy to find your way around. Consistency builds confidence and familiarity, so over time users stop ‘looking’ for their way around and start to know instinctively what to expect. Buttons and navigation are where you would expect to find them and data is displayed in a consistent format from screen to screen.


The application has been specifically developed to offer both maximum security and flexibility.Your system is protected by Secure encrypted connection (HTTPS, SSL), 3 point password authorisation and staff access is controlled by a system administrator.

Data in the Bee app is stored securely using the latest SQLCipher encryption technology. The app is accessed using a secure sign in page with the option to use a 4 digit PIN code. Should the phone be lost or a staff member leaves the company, the data can be remotely wiped from the phone removing all content from the app.


Hosting Options is a web-based system hosted by our secure severs and accessed via the internet.  Alternatively you can choose to host the system by your own server as a self hosted package.

Hosted Package

  • No need to buy any hardware
  • Fully managed backups
  • Full disaster recovery provided
  • Available 24/7 from anywhere

Self Hosted Package

  • Run your own hardware
  • Manage your own backups
  • Provide your own disaster recovery solutions
  • Have control over internal and external users

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