Welcome to Webroster

Our Story

Webroster Ltd is a privately owned, founder led company with a forward thinking, dynamic and progressive approach. With an agile company structure we are able to respond quickly to ever changing customer needs. Our market leading software solutions introduce new ways of working to many organisations. We help our customers take advantage of the latest technologies in order to make their business more efficient and profitable.

Our Vision

The ultimate goal for Webroster Ltd

Webroster company vision

To share the benefits of our technology with every business in the UK

Our Mission

What we will accomplish on the way to achieving our vision

webroster company mission

We enable our clients to succeed by listening to them, innovating and continuously improving our products and services

Our Values

The philosophies and principles by which we operate

webroster company values
  • Growth & strength
  • Expertise & learning
  • Listening, understanding & approachability
  • Solutions orientated

Our Team: The source of our passion, dedication, knowledge and expertise

We have a strong team of dedicated people who are not only passionate about what they do, but also about our software. They have seen the differences that Webroster has made to our customers’ businesses over the years and believe in the benefits that the system brings.

The Webroster team comprises of a range of experts in software development, quality assurance, customer support, customer service, sales and marketing. All of our team bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to their individual field.

Webroster Managing Director Nigel Gittins

Nigel Gittins

Managing Director
With a background in the software industry, Nigel Gittins founded Webroster in 2002 when his parent’s businesses were in need of specific software solutions.

Natasha Lunt

Account Director
Natasha establishes and builds client relationships, gaining a thorough understanding of their business and the market they operate in. 

Webroster Account Director Natasha Lunt
james murrell customer experience

James Murrell

Customer Experience Manager
James is responsible for developing and managing our customer experience teams to ensure that our services meet client expectations. James manages the Implementation, Customer Support and Quality Assurance teams.

Gary Doades

Services Director
Gary is responsible for the online delivery of the Webroster.net application services and ensures that the company IT infrastructure meets the needs of the business and its customers.

Webroster IT Services Director Gary Doades
Webroster Software Director Richard Ward

Richard Ward

Software Director
Richard oversees the development of the system, coordinates the development team and works closely with the customer experience teams to ensure the system is developed to meet customer requirements.