Online Rostering and Workforce Management Software

Use at its most simplified to automatically roster staff, assign staff to clients, view service plans and comply with working time directive. matches resources to clients to create rosters, generates timesheets and processes invoices and payroll. The efficiency and accuracy of the system allows you to offer an improved quality of service and all information and documentation is kept securely within the online application, meaning that you no longer have to be in the office to keep an eye on your business.

A wide range of additional modules and services enhance the online rostering system; please see our complimentary workforce management products and services.

What can do for me?

  • Take the pain out of rostering
    Webroster ensures you roster the right person to the right job! It has a choice of rostering methods which automatically match staff skills and qualifications to your client requirements.

  • Save hours in processing timesheets
    How much time could you save by not processing manual timesheets? Webroster automatically generates timesheets ensuring nothing gets missed, and gives you the option to verify them on screen, or automatically using an electronic call monitoring system.

  • Easily get the information you need, when you need it
    A wide range of standard and bespoke reports are available from Webroster meaning you can quickly and easily access the information you need.

  • Manage reablement care plans with Outcomes
    Outcomes is integrated functionality within the rostering system specifically designed for managing goals and recording the achievement of tasks. It provides the tools to plan, roster and report on the provision of short term, goal orientated service plans, for example, following a client’s discharge from hospital or entry into the care system following a crisis.

  • Generate invoices and payroll from one place
    Webroster’s financial features make the system an all encompassing business solution by offering a seamless integration from timesheet generation through to invoice and payroll generation.

  • Easily provide group activities
    The new client groups area lets you easily set up and roster staff and clients to group events, offering a highly flexible rostering option.

  • Manage new enquiries
    Webroster’s sales area lets you manage sales enquiries and generate quotes so that when your prospect becomes a customer all the information you need is already set up in the system!

  • Export data to Sage, Iris and other financial packages
    Webroster interfaces with a range of third party systems to give you even more flexibility.

“Soon, manual rostering will be a thing of the past and will save many man hours of coordinating.” Andrew Brindley, AJ Social Care Recruitment